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Hacking Heritage, an “unconference”

Spread the word to those you know who are interested in cultural heritage and preservation…Hacking Heritage, a one-day “unconference” on heritage and preservation, will be held Saturday, March 12, 2016 at Smith-Buonanno Hall, Brown University. Never been to an unconference before? All sessions are proposed and led by

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Found: Ezra Stiles’ “Bill of Mortality for Newport,” 1765-1776

This post is contributed by Cherry Fletcher Bamberg, Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists and Editor of Rhode Island Roots

Ezra Stiles, minister of Newport’s Second Congregational Church and an indefatigable collector of facts, kept a “Bill of Mortality for Newport” that has been the delight of historians

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History Bytes: The Other Old Stone Mill

In 1848, Seth Bateman purchased the old Governor John Collins Farm (1786-1790) at Castle Hill Avenue and Ocean Avenue, and developed the property into a deluxe resort hotel. As the property expanded, additional water sources were required from wells and a water tower. In 1867 Bateman installed his new

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