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Found: L’apôtre de la Liberté Immortalisé

This post is contributed by Rose Durand, Buchanan/Burnham Fellow

A beautiful print has been discovered while cataloging a collection of framed paintings and prints at the Newport Historical Society. L ‘apôtre de la Liberté Immortalisé, or The Apostle of Liberty Immortalized, by artist Baricou Montbrun, features Benjamin Franklin being carried into Heaven by an angel. Time, having abandoned his scythe and hourglass, tugs on Franklin’ s leg in an effort to keep him on Earth. Serpents peek out at the scene from the entrance to Hell

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History Bytes: Seaman’s Protection Certificates

In 1796, Congress authorized the creation of Seaman’s Protection Certificates as a way to prevent foreign navies from kidnapping or “impressing” American mariners into service. Issued by the US Customs House of the home port, the certificates were proof of American birth or citizenship including the name of the

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Lyman/Lafayette project blog #2: Daniel Lyman

The Lyman-Lafayette project at the NHS started with a series of great stories about Daniel Lyman. Lyman was a Continental Army officer, known for intelligence and valor, who married a local Newport girl and became a Rhode Island citizen of considerable importance. Lawyer, judge, industrial revolution entrepreneur, Lyman’s legacy

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