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Due to construction, NHS Headquarters will be closed through summer 2015. In the meantime, many of our collections are accessible through our online collections catalog, Gladys.

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History Bytes: Ice Harvesting

As Newport emerges from this year’s ice age, the fresh water ponds will start to thaw. During the coldest years of the last century, the ponds provided ice for Aquidneck Island residents. Cut into 24 x 30 inch blocks, the ice was hauled into large ice houses, packed in

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History Bytes: Easton’s Beach Pavilion

When the temperature finally rises above freezing, thoughts of the beach will come to mind. The Pavilion at Easton’s Beach was built in 1887 by the firm of Peabody & Stearns. In 1902, with the help of private donors, the facilities were enlarged and assumed the appearance of a

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