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Director’s Note Spring 2016

Prince died, and I went to see Hamilton

My husband and I were in the audience of the Grammy and Pulitzer prize-winning Broadway musical Hamilton on the day that Prince died. Hamilton was conceived, written, and is currently performed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is also a MacArthur Foundation “genius.”

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History Bytes: Yznaga Avenue

Nestled between “Clarendon Court” and “Miramar” on Bellevue Avenue is a tiny street called Yznaga Avenue that provides access to the garages and outbuildings of those houses. The origin of the name comes from Antonio Yznaga Del Vaille (1823-1892), a Cuban sugar plantation owner, also of New York and

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History Bytes: Newport’s Liberty Tree

This month marks the 250th anniversary of the deeding of Newport’s Liberty Tree and the repeal of the Stamp Act. In 1765, the Sons of Liberty began rallying to protest the Stamp Act on land owned by Captain William Read at the corner of Thames and Farewell Streets.


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